The Real Deal No.1

Thank you, Pinterest, for giving everyone a mental picture of my "home office" that's much more glamorous than reality.

As I'm writing this post, I'm sitting on our bedroom floor with my computer between Bible study surveys and the laundry hamper. The wall in front of me is partially painted. I've "cut in" but haven't yet rolled the majority of the room. So what we have going on here is a pink/gray combination that's quite off-putting to two creatives. But we're running businesses, so painting our bedroom is pretty low on that ol' to-do list.

The office is typically our dining room because it's roomy and has a lot of light pouring in. Brian sets his computer up there, too and it's fun to work together, bounce ideas off each other, figure out ways to make each other laugh throughout the day, etc. He's currently training a new addition to Tried & True which is awesome and exciting, but I'm easily distracted so here I am in the bedroom (second-best light in the house, of course...I'm pretty much a house cat that's constantly searching for sun beams to sit in).

It's not perfect and it's so not pin-worthy but I love it. And other than this bedroom paint color, I wouldn't change a thing. It's "us". This season of life is all about figuring out the new: new marriage, relatively new businesses, new team member, new get the idea. And when there's "new" there's learning. I think the biggest lesson I've learned in every aspect of my life over the last year is "Go with the flow!" Whether it's a shipment of paper that's so tall we can't see from our living room to our dining room, a child that is just really sad he's being asked to take a portrait, technology that doesn't work that moment you really need it to, a husband that really needs to work later than expected, a bedroom that I can't finish painting for the life of letting go of what I desire as the outcome, I'm able to make room for something that's bigger than I would have imagined on my own.  

So, here I am on the bedroom floor. It's not what I pictured when I thought about working from home, but it's better. It's better because it inspires growth, allows me to see things differently, to put others first, to listen to the same All Sons and Daughters song on repeat while I edit an entire shoot and not annoy the guys...and because at the end of the day I'm just so stinkin' thankful that Brian and I both get to work from home that I'll do whatever it takes to maintain that gift. 

Here's to the not pin-worthy moments that are just as beautiful.